Blizzard warning for NYC & New England

I have updated both snowfall graphics at 9:40pm Saturday to reflect small changes to my forecast.

The same system that pummeled the west coast is about to paralyze sections of the east coast. Blizzard warnings have been issued for New York City, Long Island, southern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston, and for other sections of eastern Massachusetts. A combination of heavy snow and winds of over 35 MPH at times will create near whiteout conditions for these areas. There could even be winds of 50 MPH or higher along the coastal communities of Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts near Boston. Since this is a holiday weekend, travel is likely to be severely disrupted for portions of the mid-Atlantic and New England. Snow was already causing issues in sections of the southeastern United States all the way up to Virginia during the late night hours of Saturday night. This will continue up the coast and cause deteriorating conditions throughout the day Sunday for New Jersey, New York City and Long Island. Heavy snow is likely for these same areas Sunday night. Areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and even eastern York will get into the act Sunday night and Monday. Some airlines are likely to cancel flights, so call ahead. You may even want to consider delaying your travel via plane or car within this corridor as many roads may become impassable.

Click on my 2 snowfall graphics that I have attached to this web story. One shows the entire northeastern United States. The other shows a zoomed in area of central New York which will likely just get grazed by some very light snow by comparison.

Watch the snowstorm with Interactive Doppler Radar on this website here.

Are you travelling into or through any of these destination during the holiday weekend? Do you have any relatives or friends that could be affected by this storm? Tell us with comments at the bottom of this web story and with pictures by sharing them at MyCNYcentral. We will be able to show them on air and online.

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