'Blue roof' mansion in Skaneateles is most expensive property on the market in CNY

It's best known for its blue roof, but this once notorius mansion on Skaneateles Lake has been renovated and is now up for sale. But if you want to buy this nearly custom made luxury mansion you are going to need some cash, lots of it.

The house called, Casa Vitam, is listed at $4.3 million, making it the most expensive home on the market in Central New York. Realtor Zack Bilel of RealtyUSA says the nearly 7,000 square foot, four bedroom, five and half bath mansion comes with the luxury items you'd expect; a heated two story tall garage big enough to hold six cars and a yacht, and a 600 square foot walk in closet that is the size of a some studio apartments. But Bilel says the property's location right on the water on Skaneateles Lake is its main selling point.

"It has 200 feet of flat private lake frontage. That makes it something that doesn't exist in Skaneateles," he says.

The previous owner, Charles Blomquist, pled guilty to charges of money laundering and tax fraud and is now serving a seven year prison sentence. Prosecutors say Bloomquist spent $1.7 million dollars in drug money on the house, but was arrested before he could finish it. Syracsue developer Cosmo Zavaglia bought the house two years ago and finished construction. Despite the high price tag, Belil says the house is already generating interest from potential buyers.

"I've gotten calls from a hedge fund guy in California asking me if he could land his jet at the local airport. There are a lot of calls coming in from everywhere, a lot of bankers," he says.