Boeheim attorneys criticize attempt to include Bernie Fine's wife in suit

Attorneys for Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim are attacking the legal team of Gloria Allred for introducing the personal life of Bernie Fine's wife into the defamation suit against the Hall of Fame coach and Syracuse University.

In court papers filed today in New York County Civil court Boeheim's lawyers states "this defamation action involves statements of opinion by Coach Boeheim". The filing continues:

"What Boeheim or others allegedly knew about supposed adulterous affairs by Laurie Fine or others â?? none of which is referenced in the Complaint â?? has no bearing on what Boeheim supposedly knew about alleged abuse of minors by Bernie Fine. Plaintiffsâ?? application is nothing more than a transparent effort to generate headlines through the gratuitous publication of irrelevant sexually explicit allegations and should be denied."

Attorney James Zeszutek of Dinsmore & Shohl filed the memorandum to explain to the court why the defense is not turning over all of the records and documents that came in a broad request from plaintiffs Bobby Davis and Michael Lang.

Gloria Allred and Mariann Wang wanted extensive records related to four questions that were directed toward the intimate activities of Bernie Fine, Laurie Fine, a coach's wife and players on the team between 1991 and 1997.

Zeszutek wrote in the brief how these personal matters have nothing to do with the defamation suit against Boeheim. Also included in the documents filed today was a Motion to Dismiss requesting a court date of March 14th. The defense counsel explained to the court it did not intend to turn over wide reaching discovery before that motion is heard.

Both sides are due in court in New York City Friday morning to appear before the judge to discuss discovery matters that will precede a hearing on change of venue in Syracuse on February 22nd.