Boilermaker registration delayed until March to cut back on no-shows

      Race officials for the Utica Boilermaker Road Race are delaying the registration date for next summer's races.

      Signup for the 2014 15-K and 5-K races won't open until Saturday, March 22nd, at noon.

      Entry caps will remain intact at 14,000 for the 15-K event, 4,500 for the 5-K, and 1,000 for the three-mile walk. All registrations will continue to be done online.

      Last year, registration opened Jan. 11 and the 15-K was filled in three days.

      Officials are hoping that moving the signup back to a later date will cut down on the number of no-shows on race day.

      Officials say the no-show percentage typically runs anywhere between 11 and 24 percent. That number was at 18 percent the last two years.