Bomb threat at Baker High School, students evacuated

C.W. Baker High School Tuesday morning

A bomb threat over the weekend prompted the evacuation of C.W. Baker High School Tuesday morning.

That's the word from Baldwinsville Superintendent Jeanne Dangle who held a news conference to update parents on the situation. School leaders say administrators came across the threat around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday after going through messages.

Earlier in a written statement, Baldwinsville school officials said, "The district immediately initiated its emergency procedure plan and the Baldwinsville Police Department and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department were notified. All Baker students and staff have been evacuated from the building and are in secure locations. No one will be allowed into the school until the police have finished inspecting the building. The district will be keeping parents updated on the situation throughout the morning."

Following the evacuation, students were allowed back in school.

Baldwinsville police are investigating. Officials say the person behind the threat could face a felony charge, and this is being taken very seriously. They say whoever is responsible will face a severe penalty.

The district says they improved communication for evacuations following an incident last year.

Last January, a fire alarm at C.W. Baker High School sent students outside in frigid temperatures. Some of them came from gym class wearing just t-shirts and shorts. The incident outraged many parents and students in the district.

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