Bono mocks Syracuseâ??s Otto the Orange at Georgetown University

File photo

U2 singer Bono mocked Syracuse Universityâ??s Otto the Orange during a speech at Georgetown University.

After briefly speaking about the political advertisements surrounding the presidential election coming to an end, he asked the audience, "Can you imagine what itâ??d be like if we did this for everything, all the time? Attack ads about TV shows, rival smart phone companiesâ?¦.college admissions."

Bono followed that question with a mock attack ad against three of Georgetownâ??s rivals â?? University of Virginia, Syracuse University, and Duke. (The comment is made about 18 minutes in to the video above.)

"Let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. UVA, Thomas Jefferson, what have they done for you? Syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. Duke, a school that worships the devil," said Bono.

The remarks were part of a speech the U2 singer gave at a GU Global Social Enterprise Event.

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