Book award established in Lori Bresnahan's honor

Liverpool school librarians unveil 'Penguin and Pinecone' as the first book to win the Bresnahan Book Award.

On Friday night, the Liverpool School District unveiled the first Breshahan Book Award, named in honor of Liverpool school librarian Lori Bresnahan.

Students in grades K-6 voted for the winning book, chosen from 10 Charlotte Book Award nominees. The Charlotte Awards are given to notable children's books every two years. Colleagues say the Charlotte Awards were Lori's favorite of all book awards.

While elementary school students voted for their favorite book, middle school and high school students were also included. Middle School students designed the award logo, while high school students crafted the website on which elementary students voted.

The books had students buzzing, encouraging the same love for reading that Lori had.

"To hear first and second-grade students, third and fourth-grade students talking about books in the hallway and which ones they're putting their money on is really exciting," said Steven Garraffo, who coordinates all Liverpool school libraries.

The children's book 'Penguin and Pinecone' took home the first Bresnahan Book Award, a clear favorite among students.

"Everyone was talking about 'Penguin and Pinecone," that it was gonna win," said fourth-grade student Isaiah Patterson.

"We actually talked about what one would win," said first-grade student Sean O'Neil. "I thought 'Penguins and Pinecones' would win."

Parents and teachers say there's no better way to honor Lori.

"I think it's a fabulous way to honor Lori and her love of literature and her love of teaching children," said Liverpool mom and teacher Suzanne O'Neil. "And it's just an honor to work in a district that would do something like this for Lori and for the community as well."

"It's just an exciting moment for us to have nice closure and celebrate a wonderful life of an amazing librarian in Liverpool," said Nate Perry Elementary School principal Dana Ziegler.

All 10 of the books will soon be displayed in Liverpool school libraries, on a special shelf known as "Lorie's Bookshelf." The Bresnahan Award will be presented every two years, in conjunction with the Charlotte Awards, ensuring the "Lorie's Bookshelf" collection will grow. All the bookshelves will be painted teal - Lori's favorite color.