Boonville ranked sixth snowiest city in America

Did you think Syracuse was the snowiest place in America? Well, you might want to think again. looked at thirty years worth of snowfall averages to find the six snowiest places in the United States. The cities included on this list all have populations of at least 1,000 people. While Syracuse is often mentioned in "snowiest city" articles, its 128 inches of average yearly snowfall is eclipsed by the cities mentioned in this latest report.

Boonville placed sixth on the list, with an average year snowfall of 193.7 inches. Boonville sits in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, and is part of the Lake Ontario Snowbelt, which is routinely hit hard by lake effect snow.

Here are the other five cities mentioned in the report, all averaging more than 200 inches of snow per year:

#5: Lead, South Dakota- 201.4 inches

#4: Truckee, California- 202.6 inches

#3: Hancock, Michigan- 211.7 inches

#2: Crested Butte, Colorado- 215.8 inches

#1: Valdez, Alaska- 326.3 inches

Valdez edged out all the other cities by more than 100 inches. One time, the city saw 180 inches of snow fall in just one month. Snow falls so fast in Valdez, boat owners have to routinely shovel off the boat deck because the heavy snow may cause it to sink.