Boonville woman arrested for falsely reporting child abuse

Kimberly Moore

A Boonville woman was arrested this week after police say she phoned in a case of child abuse she knew wasnâ??t true.

State Police and the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center tell CNY Central that on October 17, 28-year-old Kimberly M. Moore called the New York State Child Abuse Hotline and reported an instance of child abuse. Police say Moore knew the abuse was false. Police did not specify the reason for this alleged call.

Moore has been charged with misdemeanor third degree falsely reporting an incident. She was ticketed and is scheduled to appear in Boonville Village Court on November 13.

Dean Obernesser, the Oneida County Chief Deputy who heads the Child Advocacy Center, issued a statement in response to Moore's arrest. In the statement, Obernesser says "The challenges these dedicated individuals face to adequately investigate these claims is monumental. Arrests made by the CAC investigators for alleged sexual/physical abuse was up 43% this year over the previous year. They work tirelessly to keep the children of Oneida County safe. Nothing is more disturbing than to receive a report alleging abuse that was "FALSELY" reported. There are too many children that truly need the Advocacy Center's resources."

"The children of Oneida County are not pawns to be used by one parent against another parent during custody disputes and/or divorce proceedings," says Obernesser. To do so is SHAMEFUL. However, it happens more times than the Advocacy Center can prove. Suspecting an allegation to be false and proving that an allegation is false can be very difficult."

Obernesser says seven people were charged with falsely reporting an incident of alleged sexual abuse in the past year. He says a staff of six law enforcement investigators and four child protective service workers received more than 1,100 reports over the past year alleging some type of sexual or physical abuse of children under the age of seventeen - a 8% increase over the previous year.