Boonville's Shawn "Big Sexy" Smith to sing on "The Voice" Battle Rounds tonight

Shawn Smith dazzles the judges with "Chicken Fried," by the Zac Brown Band

Fans of NBC's "The Voice" in Central New York have been waiting two weeks to see whether an Oneida County man will advance in the national signing competition. Tonight, they will get their answer.

If you caught a flash of the previews following Monday night's episode, it revealed Boonville's Shawn "Big Sexy" Smith wi

ll go head-to-head with soulful contestant
Johnny Gray in the final episode of the Battle Rounds.

If you aren't familiar with the show, here's how the Battle Rounds work:


ach coach picks two of the singers

on their team

to perform the same song together.


nce the performance is over, the contestants get feedback from all of the coaches

- but ultimately, it's up to their coach to decide who will advance in the competition.


ach coach gets two "steals," or opportunities to pick up the losing contestant for their own teams.


ight now, there is only one steal left

-- and it belongs to CeeLo Green.

CeeLo snatched up Smith after he sang the country hit, "Chicken Fried," which earned him the last spot on CeeLo's team, and the final spot in the Blind Auditions.

You can watch for Shawn Smith tonight, starting at 9 on NBC3.


The Voice" airs on NBC 3 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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