Boston Marathon runner returns to Syracuse, recounts experience

Andrea Ashline talked with her running group about her experiences at the Boston Marathon.

Runner Andrea Ashline was standing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the explosions went off on Monday.

"People just started to get panicked," said Ashline. "It was just silent, like time almost stopped. Everyone just slowly turned and looked, and it was crazy."

Ashline and her husband then went looking for their family and friends, while she tried to make sense of her emotions. "I was just shaking, literally shaking," Ashline said. "And I didn't even know if it was scared, if I was hungry, if I was tired, if I was cold. It was just every emotion I could have felt, I felt. And I just knew that I was just terrified."

Ashline said the traama of the situation was made worse because of the exhaustion felt after the marathon. "You're wet, you're sweaty, and they give you a piece of tinfoil to put on," explained Ashline. "So you haven't eaten, you just ran 26.2 miles, and then you've just found out that maybe there's just been a terrorist attack."

What happened at the Boston Marathon, however, will not stop Ashline from returning next year. "I think as runners and as lovers of the sport, we need to band together and say that something like this isn't going to stop us from doing something we love."

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