Boston's Big Dig expert to speak about future of Interstate 81

A series of public lectures on the future of Interstate 81 will be held this summer and spring.

The speaker series bring renowned planning professionals, municipal leaders and community development experts to share their experiences and expertise.

The first guest speaker will be Virginia Greiman, a veteran of Boston's Big Dig project and a leader in the field of project management. "Our community can learn a great deal from simply listening to others who have struggled with and overcome similar challenges that we now face," said Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney. "I look forward to welcoming Professor Greiman to Onondaga County and learning from her all that we can to help inform our own decision-making process."

Professor Greiman holds academic appointments at Boston University, Harvard University Law School, and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and is a recognized expert and scholar on megaprojects, project complexity and governance, public private partnerships, cyber security and international

law and development.

She will review the history of the Big Dig and examine the project's management scope, scheduling, cost management and more. "Determining what to do with Route 81 will be one of the most significant planning decisions for Syracuse of the next half-century," said Mayor Stephanie Miner. "It is imperative that citizens in our community have as much in-depth information and perspective as possible when considering the sort of future they want for our city. Hearing from experts like Professor Greiman helps illuminate important facts and issues and elevates the local dialogue. Decisions of this magnitude should be made with sound data and reasoned discussion."

Professor Greiman will

speak at 6 p.m. on Wednesday April 2 at the Carrier Theater at the Onondaga County Civic Center.

Dates and times for future speakers have not yet been announced.