Boxing legend Ray Rinaldi to 'Fight for the Future' against Senator DeFrancisco

Ray Rinaldi goes a few rounds with Brandon Roth on Today in Central New York.

Ray Rinaldi knows his way around the ring.

The 84 year old legendary boxing coach has been training local fighters at his North and West Side Athletic Centers for more than fifty years.

Rinaldi does much more than train boxers; he changes lives, and over the years he's helped thousands of troubled kids off the streets.

But as tough as he is, Rinaldi can't fight the bad economy. Funding for his athletic centers has been cut 85 percent over the last three years and Rinaldi says it's been a struggle to keep the centers open. "Sometimes you can't make payroll, sometimes we can't buy what we need, sometimes the heat bill here is awful," he says.

To help raise money for his athletic centers, Rinaldi will be taking on State Senator John DeFrancisco in a charity boxing match Saturday night at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. The bout is being called the "Fight for the Future," and Rinaldi says he has a secret weapon in store for the senator. "You know what it is? It's me," he says. For tickets call the North Side Athletic Center at 471-8662 or go to