Break in the weather adds to St. Patrick's Day celebration in Syracuse

After a week of cold and snow, a mild St. Patrick's Day was just what many people in Syracuse needed.

"You have been stuck in the house for three days and then the weather breaks and everyone is coming out," said Cindy Maulden as she waited outside Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse.

"I've lived a lot of different places but no where is as fun as Syracuse," said Maulden.

Central New York is coming out of one blizzard and another snow storm may be headed our way - but in between the region had a day to thaw out and have fun.

"Syracuse is a very Irish heritage city and I think the snow knew to back off a little so everyone could come out and celebrate St. Patricks day," said Brigid St. Leger.

No parka was required for St. Patricks day. For many, that was a luxury after a week of freezing temperatures and watching snow pile up

"Experience the nice weather, get a little drink, come to Kitty Hoynes," said Jenna Barber.

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