Brewerton teen creates video games

Zack's video game can be downloaded on iTunes

Zack Banack likes video games. That statement shouldn't be too shocking about a junior in high school, but how about if that same junior from Brewerton makes his own video games? That is where your interest in Zack Banack should really start. He currently has a video game called Jetpack on iTunes.

Zack develops, creates and programs all of his own software for the game. That end of it he did not share with me. Much like a good magician or businessman, he didn't share his secrets. Zack's game is also available for download on the iPhone and Android markets. Android users, well you're in luck, as you can grab his work free of charge. On the iPhone, you are only looking at ninety-nine cents.

For anyone much older than Zack, you will see a lot of similarities between Jetpack and the Super Mario Brothers series on Nintendo. It is a two dimensional format, with the main character moving left to right with a jetpack strapped onto his back. You can move through the game while collecting level up credits and rings.

Ahead of everything else Zack told CNYCentral's Alex Resila, "Really, I would like (Central Square) to further develop the video game design class we already have and maybe do some more advanced stuff, because that could really be beneficial to the people already in the class."

All Zack wants to do is use his knowledge and give it back to his high school. He would like to see them open up to seeing this as a legitimate career path for students, as there is only an introductory level class available to the 40 students interested. He understands that English and math are important to learn, but game creation should be able to become a larger secondary option.

Zack made $1,000 before his game hit iTunes. The money is not the important part to him though.

His father, Rob Banack can't be happier for Zack. He said, "It's amazing, I can't say enough about him. He loves doing it and it's not like you're working in a store making minimum wage. To him it's not about the money, it's about having fun making the games."