Bricktown gang member admits shooting child and other crimes in plea

Sequan Evans

Saquan Evans, a 23-year-old member of the Bricktown gang in Syracuse, has admitted he shot and killed a toddler among other gang-related crimes.

The U.S. Attorneyâ??s Office tells CNY Central that Evans, along with 24-year-old Ernest Hester, pleaded guilty Wednesday to several crimes as part of their membership in the Bricktown gang. As part of his plea, Evans admitted he shot and killed 20-month-old Rashad Walker, Jr., while intending to kill a rival gang member (Walkerâ??s father Rashad Sr.) on November 28, 2010. Evans also admitted he was behind the shooting of four men, reportedly rival gang members, as they played cards in a garage on Shirley Drive on November 7, 2010.

In his own plea, Hester admitted he was involved in a shooting on West Colvin Street in April 2005, and the stabbing of four people at a Dennyâ??s on Erie Boulevard in January 2011.

Evans and Hester are scheduled to be sentenced in December, 2013. Each faces up to life imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, and up to five years of supervised release following any period of incarceration. Evans is already serving 25 years to life for his May, 2012 conviction in the Walker, Jr. murder.