Bricktown Gang member sentenced to 35 years in prison

A member of the Bricktown Gang will spend 35 years in prison for his role in multiple violent acts on behalf of the gang and for the murder of Anthony Ford.

23 year old Jarrell Williams was sentenced on Monday in the U.S. District Court to 420 months in prison for his role in conspiring to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity through his membership to the Bricktown Gang.

Williams admitted to the fatal shooting of Anthony Ford and the shooting of a female who was with Ford when he was shot. The female was shot in the head but survived. Williams said he shot Ford and the female because he thought Ford was part of a rival gang, when in fact Ford was not affiliated with any gangs.

The shooting occurred just three hours after Williams shot an East Side gang member as part of an ongoing war between the two gangs.

As part of his plea, Williams admitted to several codes of the gang. Williams said the Bricktown Gang has operated in a specific location in Syracuse since 2000. In this location, only Bricktown members could sell crack cocaine, cocaine, and marijuana. Williams said that this location could be protected by violence if anyone else tried to distribute drugs within the area.

Williams also admitted that the gang had to respond to violence with violence to maintain stature within the gang community, carry and use firearms, and wear blue bandanas and have certain tattoos to show gang membership.

The investigation and prosecution of Williams was part of a long-term effort by the Syracuse Gang Violence Task Force.