Bride left stranded after Destiny USA wedding dress store closes

Kayla Hoyt is down a wedding dress and nearly $1,000 following the closing of Forever Bridal in Destiny USA.

Kayla Hoyt purchased her dream wedding dress in January from Forever Bridal in Destiny USA.

When Kayla went to make an in-person payment toward her dress on Thursday, she discovered the store had gone out of business. She had already paid about $1,000 toward the gown's nearly $1,400 pricetag.

"It kinda broke my heart," said Hoyt. "What am I going to do now? Like, I get married in March. I don't have this extra money to go buy another dress."

Destiny USA's guest services gave Kayla the store owner's phone number, which she has called multiple times since Thursday.

"I called again today [Friday]," said Hoyt. "My fiance called and left a message, also today. And it's just getting nowhere because it's not going anywhere because it's just ringing once and going to voicemail. So, their phone is probably off."

Hoyt is now down a dress and a considerable amount of money. "I have worked so hard...picking up extra hours so I can get that dress paid and out of the way," said Hoyt.

Destiny USA says it is working with the owner of Forever Bridal to make good on all orders.