Bridgeport Fire Department demonstrates ice problems after 2 rescues in 2 days

Members of the Bridgeport Fire Department have been called to two ice rescues in just two days. Now, CNY Central is going out on the ice to take a look at the dangers.

With help from the Bridgeport Fire Department, we walked about 1/4 mile from the shore of Oneida Lake. The ice out there was only a few inches thick, and it was honey combing. That means it wasn't sturdy.

Bridgeport Fire Chief Frank Thompson Jr. says the water is only about 38 degrees, and if someone falls through the ice, they can face hypothermia or even death.

"People aren't staying off the ice like we tell them to," says Thompson. "It's not safe."

CNYCentral's Jessica Cain went into the water wearing a safety suit, so Chief Thompson could demonstrate what someone should do if they fall through. He says if someone can't get out of the water immediately, they should call for help and try to conserve as much energy as possible.

He also says it is dangerous to push or put pressure on the ice near the hole because it will often break.

Members of the Bridgeport Fire Department say they train regularly for ice rescues, but it can take time for them to arrive on the scene to help.

They say it has been a warm winter, and people should just stay off the ice to be safe.