Bridgewater man arrested for manslaughter after 13-month-old son found dead

Ian Gulbin

A Bridgewater man has been arrested and charged with manslaughter after an investigation into the death of his 13-month-old son. Wednesday evening, court documents obtained by WKTV-TV in Utica revealed the extent of the trauma to the child. The documents say Baby Brayden Gulbin was slammed into a hard object and sustained several severe injuries that lead to his death. The injuries include: bruising, contusions to the head and face, two skull fractures, a lacerated liver and internal bleeding.

Oneida County Sheriffâ??s Deputies were called to 531 Doe Road in Bridgewater on Monday at about 7:26 am for an unresponsive one-year-old. Medical personnel told deputies the child was dead. The Criminal Investigation Unit and the Forensic Unit investigated the cause of death.

On Tuesday, the Onondaga County Medical Examinerâ??s Office called the death a homicide, Deputies arrested the child's father, 31-year-old Ian Gulbin and charged him with first degree manslaughter.