Brittany's Law passes State Senate, would create violent felons registry

The State Senate is once again pushing for a registry of violent felons. It would be similar to the sex offender registry.

The proposed law is named Brittany's Law after a 12-year-old western New York girl who was murdered along with her mother in November 2009.

Brittany Passalacqua and her mother, Helen Buchel were killed in their Geneva apartment by a violent convicted felon who had been released from prison early and put on parole just months earlier. John Edward Brown was on parole when he was released from prison after serving 2 1/2 years of a three-year sentence for assaulting his infant daughter in 2003.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Michael Nozzolio (R, Fayette) would establish a statewide violent felony offender registry by requiring certain convicted felons to register with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) upon release from prison. â??Brittanyâ??s Law represents a major step forward for our state in the fight against violent crime,â?? Senator Nozzolio said. â??By putting new measures in place to track violent offenders and keeping our communities informed of their whereabouts, Brittanyâ??s Law will save lives."

The bill requires violent felony offenders to register upon discharge, parole, or release from any facility, hospital, or institution. Similar to the stateâ??s Sex Offender registry, violent felons would be assigned risk levels. The state would be able to monitor the whereabouts of violent felons.

The bill is under consideration by the Assembly.