Brother angry over award for officers who shot Syracuse man

Police at the scene of the shooting at the Regional Transportation Center

The brother of a man killed by police officers says awards for the men who shot his brother are painful for his family.

Benjamin Campione was shot at the Regional Transportation Center, near Carousel Center, last May. On Wednesday, Onondaga County Sheriff's deputies Michael Hoosock and Adam Quku were honored at the Heroes' Luncheon in Albany. They were given Deputy of the Y ear awards.

Hoosock and Quku, along with a Syracuse Police officer, all fired shots at Campione after he pointed what looked like a gun at officers. It turned out to be a pellet gun. Campione had a history of mental illness.

His brother, Victor Campione, says this hero award is dragging his family though more pain, "It's like reliving it all over again," he says. Campione says he can't believe "that they would accept an award for killing a mentally ill man."

Victor Campione says there are still many questions surrounding his brother's death, including why police fired 23 shots.

Sheriff Kevin Walsh says the heroes award is very well deserved. He says the officers "displayed exceptional judgement in dealing with an unpredictable and potentially deadly situation."

CNY Central's Jim Kenyon is continuing to investigate this story. Coming up Friday on NBC3 and CBS5, hear more from Victor Campione, and new details from Benjamin Campione's autopsy.