Brothers aim to shoot movie in Syracuse area

Growing up on Onondaga Hill, Andy and David Davoli dreamed of one day making a motion picture in their hometown. Now it looks like the two brothers are going to finally get a chance to make their dream come true.

The Davolis were in Syracuse this week scouting out locations for their upcoming feature film "16:19", a drama based on a real life event from their childhood. Both of the Davoli brothers work in the entertainment industry. David is a lawyer in the industry and Andy is an actor who has appeared in numerous movies and has worked with some of the top names in Hollywood including Al Pacino, George Clooney, and John Malkovich, who ironically is getting ready to film his own movie here in Syracuse this summer.

Though they moved away years ago Andy Davoli says he and his brother have never given up their dream of filming a movie in their hometown. "I was born and raised in Syracuse. From an acting standpoint I've had a chance to work on some pretty big projects but I never had a chance to share what my experience was growing up. So my brother and I decided to write this film and set it here," Davoli says.

German Director Nickolai Mullerschon, who most recently directed the film. "The Red Baron", has signed on to direct the movie. Mullerschon says Syracuse offers a unique backdrop for shooting a film. "It's a really photogenic city and it has a lot of pockets of great locations," Mullerschon says.

David Davoli says their father always stressed the importance of giving back to the community and this film is a tribute to him. "It's a passion project," Davoli says.

The Davolis plan to begin shooting the movie in February 2011.