Brothers sentenced for involvement in notorious Bricktown Gang

Two brothers from a notorious Syracuse gang will each spend more than seven years in prison for their roles in the gang.

24-year-old Miguel Russo and 23-year-old Miquan Russo were sentenced in U.S. District Court to 87 months in prison for their roles in conspiring to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity through their membership in the Bricktown Gang.

Miguel Russo pleaded guilty to charges in October.

As part of their pleas, the brothers both admitted that the Bricktown Gang has operated within Syracuse since at least 2000. They also admitted to maintaining a specific geographic territory within the City of Syracuse in which only gang members can sell crack cocaine, cocaine and marijuana, protecting that exclusive crack distribution territory with violence if necessary, obtaining drugs from suppliers in New York City and elsewhere and projecting a very violent attitude and responding to violence with violence in order to preserve their stature in the gang community.

They also admitted to using hand signs, wear blue colored bandanas and have tattoos, all of which are intended to signify their gang membership, using criteria such as willingness to use violence, ability to sell drugs, and familial connections to determine membership and routinely carry and use firearms in connection with their gang activity.