Brutality victim's lawyer sees inconsistencies between police reports and video

CNY Central has obtained police records pertaining to a May 3rd incident in which a man with disabilities was tasers and injured for refusing to sit down on a Centro bus.

The attorney for Brad Hullett, Rick Guy says the documents are inconsistent with surveillance video taken by an on-board camera.

On May 3rd, Hulett was ordered by the driver of the bus to sit down for safety reasons. Hulett refused, later telling CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that he finds it more comfortable to stand and that the bus is designed to accommodate standing passengers.

After the driver called in two Syracuse Police officers, Hulett again refused orders to sit down and instead tightened his grip on a pole. Eventually the video showed Sergeant William Galvin lifting up Hulett's shirt and hitting him with a taser. After Hulett is pulled off the bus, he is seen being dragged away by one leg. Hulett says he suffered a broken hip and needed surgery as a result of the incident.


"Use of Force" report was filed by Supervising officer, Lieutenant Richard Shoff on August 1st which is 3 months after the incident and on the same day the Syracuse Media Group broke the story and posted the surveillance video on line.


he report says
Sgt. Galvin and Officer Richard Coleman repeatedly told Hulett he was under arrest, but you don't hear such a comment on the video.


Shoff who was summoned to the scene that day, says he asked Hulett if he was injured and wrote in his report, "He told me no." But when Hulett was taken to jail, he's seen in a wheelchair and can not stand on his leg without assistance.


hoff concluded

: "I

find the amount of force was necessary and justified under departmental rules and regulations."


Coleman's narrative on the incident states that "Hulett continued to refuse police commands. The taser was subsequently used against Hulett in order to gain compliance. After taser deployment, Hulett was able to be escorted off the bus and taken into custody." There's no mention of the need to drag Hulett away from the bus by one leg and no mention of the injury to hulett's hip.