Budget forces Jamesville-DeWitt parents to save modified sports again

In front of a crowded room of concerned parents the Jamesville-DeWitt school board confirmed what many had already expected.

The JD athletic budget remains the same for the next school year, putting the future of 13 modified and JV sports programs back in the hands of parents.

"I see the presence of what being on a modified team has done for my 9th grader. Offering him self confidence, time management, great organization," said parent Joy Binder who has 2 kids in the district. "I see the benefits of being part of your scholastic team, being a student athlete. And now my 7th grader is just getting into the system and I'd like him to have the opportunity as well."

The "Save JD Sports" committee has it's work cut out. It has to raise another $14,000 by May 21st to save Fall 2012 sports.

Next years proposed budget cuts the same 13 coaching jobs like JV cheerleading, modified soccer, lacrosse and track for boys and girls just to name a few.

This school year, the community raised nearly $48,000 to save those coaches, the teams and keep modified sports playing in the Spring. The superintendent told parents Monday night, she knows these cuts directly impact student athletes. But the district is nearly one million dollars behind in state aid, leaving a big gap that needs to be filled, which means the board has no choice but to make difficult cuts.

"We talk about our kids have to exercise, and play, and get out from behind computers," said Scott Lance who has two kids who play modified sports. "My stance is maybe it costs some money but that's okay. Our kids deserve to have the things we had when we were kids."

JD parents say they are confident they can raise the money to save sports in the Fall, then they will focus on Spring 2013.