Bullied 8th grader writes to vent frustration

Sam Doyle writes to cope with middle school bullying

Using his everyday experiences, 13-year-old Sam Doyle writes with a passion, emotion and perspective that far outreach his years. Doyle says writing about being bullied, and sharing those writings on Facebook, is a "weight off his shoulders."

Doyle says kids have tipped his breakfast trays over at school, or called him names and at times he says he wanted to lash out. By posting his thoughts in terms of simple paragraphs or actual poems, Doyle realizes he is not only helping himself but also helping everyone who reads what he writes.

"Once I put it out there for everyone to see, I feel great when I see people commenting stuff on my writings," says the Soule Rd. Middle School eighth grader. "When they're like, 'this touched me', or 'great job,' or 'this is very well written,' I know that I helped them in some way."

Primarily using Facebook, Doyle says people who have given him a hard time have also been affected. Some even stopped bothering him.

"They just changed their whole attitude once they read it," Doyle says.

Like any parent, Doyle's mother Kristie Doyle says her son's impact has made her proud. At the same time, she says her son's words and perspective are not only impactful toward his peers, but also for older people as well.

"I'm hoping that the kids out there, the bullies, who are reading this say 'wow that's me, and look what I did to this child to make them feel this way,'" Kristie Doyle says. "Even adults can read this and say, 'wow, I'm doing that at work to my co-worker.'"

Sam Doyle says he aspires to write for a living someday as an author, and while he is writing his books he wants to go into psychiatry, all in the effort of helping as many people as possible.