Bullied Greece school bus monitor promotes kindness a year later

Video frame from the cellphone video

A suburban-Rochester bus monitor says she's proud of all that she's accomplished, and how far she's come, a year since she was bullied by four 7th-grade students aboard her bus.

Karen Klein, 69, received $700,000 in donations from people all around the world, after a ten-minute cell phone video surfaced on the internet last June showing kids taunting her and calling her names.

Though the money was set-up initially as a way to treat Klein to a well-deserved vacation, Klein is using significant amounts to pay generosity forward.

Klein put $100,000 toward launching her own anti-bullying campaign, the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, designed to promote kindness.

Other proceeds have helped family and friends.

"I cannot believe it. I just can't. I've done some wonderful things throughout the year, but it's like it was just yesterday that it happened," Klein told WROC, our CBS affiliate in Rochester.

In the last year, Klein has spoken on many morning talk shows, including Today, CBS This Morning, and Good Morning America.

The viral video and her message to stop bullying has brought her to many places around North America.

She's received hundreds of letters of support, e-mails, facebook messages and cards.

Klein's daughter, Amanda Romig says such fame would have changed a lot of people, but her mom has stayed the same.

"She did great, I've never been so proud of her. That's when I was the most proud of my mom," Romig told Toronto's Global News last September.

Though Klein didn't want to press charges against the Greece-Athena School District Boys, she says she isn't sure whether she's forgiven them, or will ever be able to.

The now-retired bus monitor has gotten written apologies from two of the boys, and from one of the boy's mothers.

Another father apologized in person.

The four student bullies were tasked with community service as punishment, and they now attend a different school.

As for Klein, she promises to continue to raise awareness about bullying. In the year ahead, she plans to make improvements to the home where she's lived for the last 46 years and may even travel the country for pleasure.

"I would really like to buy an RV and travel. That is what I would really like to do. What I really will do? I don't know," Klein told WROC.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)