'Bully' will hit theaters unrated Friday - Will your kids see it?

When a documentary highlighting the problem of bullying hits theaters this Friday, it will not be rated. "Bully" is a film that's sparked discussion in communities across the country, including right here in Central New York. Will your kids see it?

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave the film an R rating due to its language and declined to change it when the Weinstein Co. appealed. When the film hits the big screen on Friday, it will be released unrated. That means some theaters may choose not to show it.

Teen activist Katy Butler started an online petition, seeking a lower rating. As of Tuesday morning, more than 485,000 people had signed it. MPAA officials met with Butler earlier this month but did not change the film's rating.

Many local students hope people will see the film and want it to be shown in schools.

So why didn't filmmakers edit out the foul language to get a lower rating? Director Lee Hirsch says refused to edit out the documentary's offensive language because "it's what the children who are victims of bullying face on most days." Do you agree?

Do you think the film should be released without a rating? Will you let your kids see it? Should they? What impact do you think this film will have? Leave your thoughts below.

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Information from the Associated Press was used in this article.