Burglaries hit Cicero neighborhoods as police remind residents to lock their doors

Cicero Police are urging residents to be vigilent and lock all doors following a string of robberies in the Johns Landing area off Lakeshore Road. Five burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood in the past week.

The first two robberies happened late Thursday night into early Friday between midnight and 2am. The next two homes were hit during the same time Saturday night into Sunday.

The fifth and most recent burglary happened Sunday afternoon around 3pm. In all cases, the robber gained access through an unlocked door or window.

All the homes are within one mile of each another. Several of the crimes were considered home invasions because people were home when the burglaries took place.

Items stolen include bikes, phones, iPods, cash, gaming systems, and car keys. In one case, an unlocked car with keys inside was stolen.

Cicero Police said these crimes are unusual for the area. "Most of our town is relatively quiet," said Cicero Police Investigator James Meyers. "You know, we deal with the occasional car larcenies here and there. But to see, you know, four or five burglaries in a couple days in a small neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood like this, is not common."

Police urge neighbors to call 911 if they notice anything suspicious. They say not to wait and submit a tip by email, but to call immediately so officers can investigate.

They also ask neighbors to lock all cars, garage doors, and lower windows. Both Cicero police and state police are processing evidence to try determining a suspect.