Bus crash survivors recap frightening crash

It was a frightening morning for those on board the double decker Megabus when it crashed into a bridge on Onondaga Lake Parkway about 2:30 Saturday morning.

A chaotic wake up call for many passengers, who were sleeping on the bus. Lee Veeraraghavan woke up on a bed of broken glass.

"I was asleep when it happened and I was awakened by a huge crash, a bang. It was pitch dark, and I realized I was under a woman's legs and she was hurt as well. So I sort of maneuvered myself out," said Veeraraghavan.

Four people were killed and dozens injured. Local hospitals braced to handle the influx of patients, and four people were still in the hospital recovering as of Saturday night. One person is in critical condition. But for those who walked away with just a few scratches, they say they feel lucky to be alive.

"Everyone was yelling. I felt something hit and then I flew like a pendulum from here to here, then I got stuck between the two seats and I was unconscious," said Valbhav Kothari. "There was a guy who got up, and he was covered with blood. Then I shattered the glass and all three of us came down."

Investigators don't know yet where the passengers who were killed, were sitting on the bus.

Veeraraghavan says she never rides on the top of a double decker bus, because she feels unsafe. A decision she says may have saved her life Saturday morning. "I was probably at the safest place to be because it didn't tip onto my side," she said. "It was pretty awful but as far as I'm concerned, I feel pretty lucky."

The driver suffered a severe head injury. Investigators expect to know more about what happened, once they are able to talk to the driver.

The bus was traveling from Philadelphia to Toronto, and had scheduled stops in Syracuse and Buffalo. It missed its stop at the Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse.