Bus Stop Forecast for Thursday, June 15th 2017


Good morning! Here is a look at your forecast at the bus stop:

Morning temperatures at the bus stop:
Temperatures will between 50 and 57 for most spots in CNY. It will be a bit cooler, in the upper-40s and low-50s across the North Country. Temperatures will rise to near 75 by 11 AM.

Morning sky condition & precipitation:
Skies are partly sunny with increasing cloud cover at this hour. Triple Doppler is dry areawide.

What should I wear outside?:
You and your kids should wear pants or shorts and a short sleeve shirt today, since we'll be warmer in the afternoon. You may need a light jacket this morning in cooler spots. Ultimately, it is your decision on what you and your children should wear.

Any notable driving conditions today?:
There may be some stronger showers or thunderstorms around by the afternoon. These could comes with gusty winds and heavy downpours with low visibility! Remember to drive slow in these conditons, and check the radar before you head out.

Afternoon ride home on the bus:
Warmer and more humid. Filtered sunshine with a few showers or thunderstorms nearby. High 82. Wind: NNW 5-15 MPH. To see any precipitation, click on Interactive Doppler Radar to zoom in anywhere and on Live Triple Doppler Radar to see where it is raining.

For an hour-by-hour breakdown of today’s skies, temperatures, and any precipitation place-by-place, watch NBC3 Today in CNY and CBS5 This Morning through 7 AM! Plus, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more constant updates.

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