Businesses and drivers complain about busy Four Corners in Baldwinsville

The Four Corners in Baldwinsville.

At Timeless Tattoo near the intersection where Genesee and Oswego Streets meet in the Village of Baldwinsville, they're always busy putting on new tattoos for their customers.

They're right at the intersection where big trucks frequently turn right coming off of 690 then turning to Genesee Street.

They say a truck hits the side of the curb almost daily causing congestion. Two years ago, the tattoo parlor's window was blown out by a truck that hit the curb, shattering glass everywhere.

Two yellow concrete barriers were put up as a result of the trucks taking the turn. However, trucks over 40 feet are not allowed to take a right hand turn in front of the tattoo parlor. There are visible signs at the intersection alerting drivers, but the tattoo parlor says the message is not sinking in. They would like to see a similar setup to Onondaga Lake Parkway with flashing lights and multiple signs.

The State DOT says if anyone wants to see a change to the system in place, they should contact the Mayor's office in village of Baldwinsville with a detailed letter explaining what they would like to see done. There are currently green signs alerting truck drivers to continue on 690 North to Route 31. The village would then do a traffic study and if they decide to make any changes, the village would contact the state.

A second reason why this intersection made your Top 5 list of Worst Intersections in Central New York is due to a left turn lane as long as a football field going from Genesee Street turning left onto Oswego Street. The State DOT says the length is not common. In order to deal with the traffic, the village would need to add a second turning lane at the intersection. DOT spokesperson Gene Cilento says this would be almost impossible as it would significantly alter the village, pushing back everything from the sidewalks to the businesses themselves.

While some neighbors in Baldwinsville like the idea of adding a second turn lane, others disagree saying they would rather wait at a light and keep their community intact.