Businesses, neighbors relieved that Interstate 81 has reopened

Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop

Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop in Pulaski has seen business slow to a crawl over the last couple of days as snow swept through northern New York and shut down part of Interstate 81.

John Wisgo works at Fat Nancy's. "We get a lot of people heading up to Canada and vice versa, traveling this area. We get a surprising amount of people who just come in to check out the tackle shop," says Wisgo. "It was slow yup, on the slower side. We get a lot of people who come up through the South for snowmobiling this time of year, ice fishing. It definitely hurt a little bit," says Wisgo.

Fat Nancy's really missed all the drivers stopping at the closest gas station of the exit and say the shut down could have been avoided. "People in New York seem to know how to drive pretty good in the snow. Maybe if it happened somewhere else, but New Yorkers are pretty good at driving in the snow," says Wisgo.

People would still come in to look around for fishing equipment, but with no one driving on 81, much of their business over the last two days disappeared.

Some neighbors say it was a good idea to close the highway as it possibly could have saved numerous lives. Others feel shutting down this stretch of 81 was unnecessary because the are is so used to the snow.

Dawn House-Bundy questions the closure of I-81. "I'm not really sure that it made that much sense, because people were still traveling, they were still traveling 11 and from the word I got there were still accidents on 11, so people are still gonna get out and go somewhere. It's just gonna be how much do you have to go through to get there," says House-Bundy.

Vince Agugliaro supports Governor Andrew Cuomo's decision to close part of 81. "I would say it was a good thing. You keep people off the road that way you don't have to have someone and help them, put themselves in jeopardy and then they could clean the road up quicker," says Agugliaro.

Fat Nancy's expects to see business slowly return to normal as people jump back on to 81 for their daily commute.