Businesses react to minimum wage increases

Manny's on Marshall Street


t Manny's in Downtown Syracuse you can buy just about any Syracuse t-shirt you want.

Starting next week, the people selling you these t-shirts are going to see their paychecks increase.

Ryan Gillett works at Manny's. "Wages really haven't really kept up recently so it's good to see something being done so I'm happy that my state is going forward.

While those working at Manny's make more than minimum wage, the store says they will be raising their wages by 75 cents to 8 dollars an hour. The same bump minimum wage workers will see across the state on Tuesday.

With a strong loyal customer base, Manny's will keep their prices the same.

Bill Nester is the manager of Manny's. "We don't work that way, our volume is high enough that we don't have to do that, we don't have to increase our prices," says Nester.

Just down the street at Varsity Pizza, they could be will be passing these increases on to their customers.

Jerry Dellas is the co-owner of Varsity Pizza "W

hat we have to do is adjust on our prices


so if the wages continue to go up our prices for our product goes up

," says Dellas.

Many people at Varsity pizza say they still plan to grab a slice even if the price goes up by a little bit.

Carrie Rood was eating some pizza with Jeff Terranova. "The pizza's already very inexpensive. I can't imagine that ten or fifteen cents more would change that," says Rood.

"It'll help people have a better standard of living. Be able to provide better for themselves and their families for sure," says Terranova.

Those working behind the counter at Varsity will see two more increases by the end of 2015 to bring minimum wage up to 9 dollars an hour.