Businesses say construction is worth future of the connective corridor

Armory Square construction

Even in the raindrops, crews are hard at work transforming several blocks of Fayette St. Into bike lanes, benches and new lights. They are connecting the SU hill with the downtown area.

Jim Wefers is the general manager of the Marriott in Armory Square. "We see progress, we see the City of Syracuse moving ahead with its infrastructure and as a new property in town we're also really excited to be a part of it," says Wefers.

Even with Fayette Street down to one lane during the construction and sidewalks being closed, many shops are seeing steady business and say what the future holds for this corridor makes the mess worth it.

John Massara is the manager of Mr. Shop. "We understand that this is part of the procedure, move forward or die is kind of the thought process that we have you know?" says Massara.

Some businesses are making changes during an estimated month or more of construction per city block.

David Hoyne is the owner of Kitty Hoyne's."As an owner, you got to be out there, you got to be out there washing the building down with a hose, you got to have directional signage to maybe change an entrance," says Hoyne.

"It's a little inconvenient in the morning. A little longer delay for valet, so we've beefed up our staff," says Wefers.

Many business owners say the city worked closely with them to make this transition as easy as possible.

An inconvenience for some, but construction that's leading drivers in the right direction, on the path into Armory Square.

"What we have is the guest who's able to come off the highway and flow naturally down the road, so they can pop into our business," says Wefers.