Buzzfeed lists 25 reasons Wegmans is the â??greatest supermarketâ??

"Despicable Me" Minion cupcakes at Wegmans

A Buzzfeed article titled "25 Reasons Wegmans Is The Greatest Supermarket The World Will Ever Know" is quickly going viral in Central New York.

Author Rachel Sanders states that Rochester-based Wegmans is one of the best reasons to live in the Mid-Atlantic for everything ranging from its "inspirational cheese messages" to its "culturally relevant cupcakes."

Wegmans, which operates 82 stores across New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia, has made FORTUNE Magazineâ??s Top 100 Companies to Work for list every year since it was first published in 1998. It has been ranked among the top 5 for nine consecutive years

ranking #5 for 2013


Sanders claims Wegmans is the "Greatest Supermarket The World Will Ever Know" because:

1. Shopping at Wegmans is essentially a journey through a small, beautifully maintained, self-sustaining city.

2. The bakery turns out untold different kinds of bread, and theyâ??re all good.

3. The olive bar is a vast land of mysterious allure. The bulk candy section will restore your faith in everything.

4. The fresh subs are NOT messing around.

5. Even the sushi is good!

6. Desperately searching for some funky snack from a foreign country? Yeah, theyâ??ll have it.

7. The cheese selection is one of inestimable depth and breadth. Bonus: inspirational cheese messages.

8. They donâ??t just have flowers; they have florists on hand to make any arrangement you need.

9. Nothing will ever be more delightful than using the DIY nut butter machines.

10. The generic store brand is usually cheaper AND better than the other options (of which there are many).

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