C-NS Lacrosse sticks it to Parkinson's disease with fund raiser

Tommy and Tami Koster talk about their family dealing with Parkinson's Disease

Tom Koster and Zack Blake both start for the C-NS lacrosse team this season, and while they share a bond on the field, the two share something else as well.

Each has been affected by Parkinson's disease in their family. Tom's mother Tami has had the disease for six years, while Zack's father Bob has had it for five. The two boys have seen themselves grow since they first found out, not only as young men, but also closer to their parents.

So, Tom and Zack inspired C-NS' Stick it to Parkinson's game, a fund raiser on Thursday night taking place during the team's game with Corcoran. A specialized lacrosse helmet, a National Championship SU lacrosse jersey and other special items had been donated by the community and were raffled off at the game, raising money for Parkinson's disease. The outpouring of support from the community impressed both the parents and their children.

"We set up something with Coach [Bill] Aldrich (C-NS head lacrosse coach) and asked if we could do a little fund raiser, I didn't think they ever thought it would get everybody coming together," Tom Koster says.

For Tami and Bob, seeing this much support from the community and their own children means a lot, especially considering the boys used the medium of lacrosse to raise awareness.

"I had no idea everyone would be this amazing," Tami Koster says. "What people will do for another person.."

Bob Blake added, "The community donated a lot of money, the team is great, they really are a family, a close knit group of guys."

They plan on announcing the winners of the big ticket items during the team's last home game on May 14th, which is when they'll know how much money they raised towards helping their loved ones.