C-NS parents get questions answered about school security

Parents, teachers and administration meet about school security

When Cicero-North Syracuse Executive Principal Melissa Julian asked parents if they had questions regarding school security, it was an opportunity for parents to no longer wonder what kind of security measures existed in their child's school.

It took a few moments, but parents began asking about practice lockdowns, and how the students were educated while the lockdown was taking place. Other parents asked about bus safety, and how administration prevented something from happening away from school on a bus. Some asked about outsiders getting into the building, and how they monitored anyone from contractors to vendors trying to get in the building.

Julian responded, first addressing lockdowns, saying they have multiple practice lockdowns over the course of the school year, and that they not only teach the students, but also learn themselves about improving the process. She said bus safety was up to speed, but that it was a topic that not many people have spoken about, and would explore it even more.

Parents were reassured that students have been firmly instructed to keep people they do not know out of the building, and that passes are vital, not only for students, but for teachers as well. It was a conversation the parents appreciated.

"It's very important," Willie Ealey, a parent in the district, says. "Simply because parents won't be sitting at home biting their nails, wondering what's in place or not sure what's in place as far as security in the schools."

The parents did say they hoped to increase their communication with administration, but also agreed that students and teachers need to look out for each other every single day as well.