Cafe Kubal comes up with Coffee Truck concept, after airport kiosk controversy

Syracuse Airport has had some recent changes

in food concessions since new company Creative Food Services took over
. Some of their new locations, including Jamba Juice and Dunkin' Donuts just recently opened.

The changes also include eliminating the
Café Kubal kiosk, whose contract was with the former concessionaire.

The kiosk was a favorite for

whose contract was with the former concessionaire.

The kiosk was a favorite for

Florida native
Petie Manley, who frequents the airport often when visiting her kids in Central New York.

"I mentioned the café and they said oh no, no more," says Manley.

Manley was directed to the Market Express

, another food option which just opened up recently


Café Kubal coffee is being served at the Market Express, however, it's served in a cup with a Market Express label. Owner, Matt Godard, says serving his coffee is not enough.

"Our customers mostly, from what I heard, really miss our full espresso menu and the chance to have a hand

crafted capp


cino, or a chai latte or one of our pour over coffees," says Godard.

Godard says there is a silver lining that came out of the airport controversy. It gave him the idea to take the kiosk and put it on wheels.
Cafe Kubal will debut their coffee truck this weekend at the Taste of Syracuse. Afterwards, it will be parked at the Farmers Market in downtown Syracuse every Tuesday.

"One great thing about having a coffee truck on wheels is we cant get kicked out of there," says Godard.

There is still hope the kiosk will make a comeback at the Syracuse Airport.