Cafe Kubal to open new location at Syracuse's Hancock Airport

The rennovations underway at Hancock Airport will bring new business to the facility. The owner of Cafe Kubal confirms to CNYcentral's Michael Benny he's opening up a fourth location - at the airport. The opening date for the new location at the airport is May 15. Matt Goddard, who owns Cafe Kubal says, "I am so thankful for my regular customers, my wonderful staff, and my family for all their support. We would not have had this without them."

The Cafe Kubal webpage says this about how the company started in Syracuse: Café Kubal's owner Matt Godard came home from a 2004 trip to Guatemala with two things. Not only had he met his future wife, he had seen for himself the transformative effect that coffee can have on an entire culture. Inspired to bring some of that home to Syracuse, he bought a homemade 8 lb. batch roaster and started roasting in his parents' basement, selling the beans to family and friends. From these humble origins, Café Kubal was born.

Hancock Airport is undergoing a $63 million dollar rennovation which includes reconfiguring security and changing the airport's layout.