Cake Boss nephew running 54 miles to raise money for Make-A-Wish in honor of sister

Rob Faugno and sister, Bradolina at her 16th birthday party.

While his family bakes cakes, Syracuse University student, Rob Faugno is burning calories for his sister.

"We do own a bakery so ultra marathons aren't discussed too much around the dinner table," says Faugno.

His family owns a New Jersey bakery featured on the hit TLC show Cake Boss, but behind the scenes they've struggled with his sister's illness. Bartolina, now a senior in high school, was born with epilepsy and brain tumors.

"I get choked up talking about it because I see how many things she's been through in her life," says Faugno.

At 12-Years-Old, the Make-A-Wish foundation offered her anything her heart desires, but she decided to give her wish back to a kid with a more serious illness. Now her brother is raising money for the foundation by running 54 miles on his sister's 18-th birthday

, April 11


The Pi Kappa Alpha President is running from the SU fraternity house to the Cornell University's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house in Ithaca.

Syracuse isn't the ideal location to train for an ultra marathon especially during the cold winter months so Rob spends a lot of time inside at the Archbold gym on the SU campus, watching a lot of people start and finish their workouts while he runs up to seven hours at a time.

His father, Joey isn't surprised by his son's extreme choice.

"He is a little crazy. The fact that he wanted to run 54 miles didn't shock me. I was more touched about why he wanted to do it," says Joey Faugno.

His teenage sister didn't love the idea of watching her brother run for 12 hours on her birthday so she asked him to sweeten the deal and take her to a fraternity party. Rob

has been telling his brothers to be on the best behavior.

"It's Rob's sister so if it's ok with him I guess it's ok with me," says fraternity brother, Ben Honig.

"If I'm willing to run 54 miles in honor of her 18th birthday imagine what i would do it anyone hit on her," says Faugno.

There will also be something sweet for Rob.

"There will definitely be a cake. At the finish line, I've been assured there will be a cake," says Faugno.

Just the icing on the cake

all baked for a cause close to his heart.

To make a donation, visit his fundraising page.

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