Campaign calls on Orange basketball fans to help Syracuse 1st graders

Orange fans are no strangers to charity. They have helped to send children who otherwise would not have had the chance to see the team play in the past, and now they're launching an online campaign to help Syracuse children read better.

The Orange Nation Book Donation campaign says, "Approximately 350 1st graders attend school within two miles of the Dome. About 90% come from families with incomes low enough to qualify for free or reduced lunch. If they are like most low income kids, their reading level will slip nearly a quarter to a half a grade level over the summer while school is out. Their 2nd grade teachers will spend the fall months re-teaching the 1st grade material lost over the summer."

The campaign says that by providing 10 books per student, the summer slide in reading skills can be prevented.

"It's simple. No school buildings need to open. No teachers need to be hired. No bureaucratic challenges need to be overcome. No tax dollars need to be spent. OrangeNation can make a difference, and it doesn't depend on anyone else," the online donation site says.

Click here to learn more about the effort.