Campaign volunteers working hard in final hours before election

With just hours left to go before Election Day, volunteers in Syracuse are kicked into high gear, rallying for their candidates in both local and national elections.

At a local headquarters for President Obama in Syracuse, roughly 150-200 people have been making more than 5,000 calls every day since Saturday. On Monday night, volunteers were reaching voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

"We've been very, very busy," said Obama campaign volunteer John Becker. "We've had huge numbers of people coming in."

For those volunteering, making all the calls was worth it. "I'm here tonight because I believe in what he's trying to do for this country, what he's trying to do for working families," said Obama campaign volunteer Miranda Askeu-Brown.

Republicans were also busy calling voters, asking for their support of Mitt Romney and Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. The Buerkle campaign reports having more than 100 volunteers every day for the last week. On Monday, the campaign says volunteers knocked on roughly 5,000 doors and made 20,000 phone calls. Those involved remain optimistic about Election Day.

"The energy level is high," said Campaign Manager David Ray. "Everyone is enthused. They're ready to get out and vote tomorrow morning."

"I have an awful lot of satisfaction, knowing that we did everything we set out to do months ago," said Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. "We set out a plan, and everything we said we needed to do, we did, and then some."