Campaigns abuzz on social media during national conventions

The presidential candidates kicked up their online campaigning during the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

The most popular tweet of the Republican National Convention was from President Obama. He

tweeted a picture

of his chair with the caption, "this seatâ??s taken," in response to

Clint Eastwoodâ??s


At the same time, Mitt Romneyâ??s campaign became the first political campaign to

purchase a trending topic

on Twitter. The hash tag #RomneyRyan2012 was trending during the Convention.

President Obama participated in an online question and answer session on the social media site Reddit during the week of the RNC. According the LA Times, the Presidentâ??s appearance "helped set an all-time traffic record for the popular social news website."

The President

answered user submitted

questions about the economy, internet freedom, and the space program, among others. One user even asked for the White Houseâ??s beer recipe, to which President Obama said, "It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty."

The conventions themselves were highly discussed and covered on social media, particularly on Twitter. According to NBC News, there were about 10 million tweets during DNC with users responding to the various speeches in real time.

President Obamaâ??s speech peaked at 52,756 tweets per minute around the time he said, "Iâ??m no longer just the candidate, Iâ??m the President"

Michelle Obamaâ??s speech peaked at 28,003 tweets per minute and Former President Bill Clintonâ??s speech peaked at 22,087.

During the Republican National Convention, Romneyâ??s speech peaked at 14,289 tweets per minute and Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryanâ??s speech peaked at 6,669 tweets per minute.