Campgrounds still under water in Cayuga County

Dick Colvin and his wife would normally be camping at Cross Lake Park Campgrounds in Cayuga County by now, but he says not this year.

"It's a lot worse than it normally is. Normally my wife and I are down here camping and staying in our camper, but this year being so wet and the water around us we haven't been able to come down," he says.

About fifteen campsites at Cross Lake Park and close to 40 at nearby Sunset Park are underwater, and have been for several weeks. Colvin says Cross Lake usually floods a little early in the spring, but the water has never been this high this late in the year.

"This is the first time I haven't been able to come down and camp because of the flooding. It will probably be the first week of June before things dry up enough for us to come down here," he says.

The late start to the camping season is costing campers like Colvin who have already paid in advance for their sites and are losing money each day.

"We've paid for the full year for our camper already. We've paid for a months worth of camping," he says.

With more rain in the forecast the concern is that the water level in Cross Lake will only continue to rise. Colvin is trying to remain optimistic.

"I'm hoping it will dry up," he says.