Camps and beaches officially open to kickoff the summer season

More than $5,000 is coming into Oneida Shores Park in Brewerton from this opening weekend of the summer season.

It's the unofficial start to summer, even though it may not look like it. For many, today signals the first day to start bringing out their boats, fishing rods and bicycles as they enjoy the great outdoors.

Sara Wigderson was out camping today in Fayetteville at Green Lakes State Park. "The pristine water, it's just so peaceful. We just love hiking around there and we love just spending time together. We're always laughing and just eating," says Wigderson.

Kevin Shaw is camping at Oneida Shores Park in Brewerton. "For me having two kids it's get them away from the television and out here enjoying what New York has to offer so that's why we like to do it and it's cheaper than going to the mall," says Shaw.

Spending their money on a campsite instead of at the mall helps grow business during one of their biggest weekends of the summer. Oneida Shores says they booked all fifty of their campsites for Memorial Day weekend.

With the weather keeping only a few campers from coming out, the park will make roughly $1,500 each day of this holiday weekend. Having campers come out despite the cooler weather is crucial for the park, which only has about ten camping sites booked for next weekend.

Janet Kuhn has been coming to Fayetteville for more than 30 years with several other families. "I think true campers come here. We would come in the rain. While we don't have a tent, but there are people who have tented here, they were last night. They are filled up. I see very few sites that are empty that it scared people away," says Kuhn.

Which makes both campers and campsites happy as summer is now unofficially, under way.