Can a mouthpiece help burn fat faster?

A mouthpiece can do more than protect your teeth, it can also help you reduce your waistline.

The mouthpiece device is called "O2 Trainer." It comes with adjustable air holes that allow the user to restrict the amount of oxygen coming into the body.

Jeramy Freeman, owner of Well Rounded Health and Fitness in East Syracuse, says working out with device helps the body produce more red blood cells, similar to what happens to athletes who train at high altitudes.

"The product is made to increase your volume of oxygen, your VO2," Freeman says. "The reason that is important is because all fat has to be oxidized, broken down by oxygen, so if we can reduce the VO2, people are going to burn fat more quickly."

Mike Skinner, a gym member, uses the "O2 Trainer" during his morning workout. He says the device has helped him lose over a hundred pounds.

"It's great. You really can feel the difference after you have been wearing it for a while," Skinner says.