Can Facebook help solve the mystery of the missing keychain at Tim's Pumpkin Patch?

The people at Tim's Pumpkin Patch think the power of Facebook can be "amazing," and they're hoping you arrived at this story via a "share" on the social media site.

Some 10 years ago, the staff at Tim's was alerted by a woman who lost a key at the farm on Rose Hill Road. She didn't care about the key itself, she was most interested in getting the keychain back.

Several years later a keychain was turned in. However, Tim's had no contact information for the woman who lost it.

On it's Facebook page, the Tim's staff writes, "She didn't tell me the significance of the keychain... but on it is one engraved word, it says DAD."

Tim's is sure the keychain means a lot to the person who lost it - and it's hoping this story reaches her so she can claim it. The DAD keychain is waiting for her. Imagine the story this woman will have to tell if she can be found - through the power of a "share?"