Canastota police officer shoots Rottweiler during attack

Canastota Police say they were called to investigate two Rottweilers that were running loose and attempted to attack a cat on South Peterboro Street in the Village of Canastota on Saturday afternoon.

Police located the two Rottweilers running on The Terrace in the Village of Canastota. Police say an officer restrained one of the dogs and began to search for the owner of the dog when the second dog emerged from a driveway showing its teeth and growling at the officer. The dog then ran at the officer.

The officer defended himself from the attack by discharging his service weapon into the dog until the animal retreated.

The dog was located alive in the rear of 107 The Terrace and transported by The Town of Sullivan Animal Control Officer to the Village Veterinarian Hospital.

A single round struck a door casing of a neighborâ??s residence when the officer fired the weapon.

This incident is being investigated and the Canastota Police. They are asking that anyone with information contact them at 697-2240.